Web credits

Esslinger Data Engineering wishes to express warmest thanks to the persons listed below. Their valuable contributions have made these web sites possible.

Kai Pusch
For the overall layout, for hundreds of hours, dozens of design and navigation ideas, for colour concepts, for the whole programming and implementation.

In a nutshell: It was Kai who designed these Internet pages.

Great work, Kai, many thanks again.

Mrs. Kirsten Krueger,
Berthoud, Colorado, USA

Thanks a lot, Kirsten, for reading and carefully revising our English texts - even on Friday evenings, Sunday afternoons or while racing on German motorways :-)

Mrs. Christine Esslinger

My Very Best, thank you for a lot of things, but in this web context particularly for revising the new texts and for design styling.

Sonido Tres

For great Cuban music, turning web design into a pure pleasure!