The low-cost, high performance 'CDR' receiver board series:
Your key to professional DAB applications.


The CDR20 board is the first out of a series of state-of-the-art, compact, standalone, highly reliable data receiver boards. It is primarily designed for industrial DAB applications which require portable, battery-powered data receivers. 
CDR20 receiver board

CDR21 provides the same DAB features as CDR20, however, at reduced hardware costs. The card comes without the NiMH battery charger and without status LEDs, thus allowing a simplified board design.
CDR21 receiver board

CDR31 is a low-cost, industrial DAB data receiver with USB interface. Depending on the firmware it can either act as a stream server or a file server (the latter with onboard MOT decoder and RAM). It is capable of decoding an entire ensemble and of streaming even high-bitrate services (audio and data) to the host. Its small size makes it perfectly suited for mobile multimedia applications. The card has a dual power supply (USB and DC 6..15V), so it can receive and store DAB data even if the host PC is powered off.

CDR31 receiver board

All CDR receivers perform the entire DAB data service decoding. No further processing of received data is required on the target system.
This enables the target system to handle the DAB transmission chain transparently, just like a cable or a modem interconnection. Onboard monitoring within the receiver ensures failsafe operation by permanently watching the system and the data service, and by applying auto-recovery measures when necessary.

Card  firmware type "M" provides a built-in MOT decoder for DAB file transfers. The card can autonomously decode MOT transmissions, save the received files to onboard RAM, and send the DAB files to a host through an integrated file server.

Key functionality of the receiver is software-defined. Thus new features, like implementing different control protocols or adaption layers, are just a matter of firmware. The hardware remaining unchanged, choosing a CDR-based receiver is a safe investment for all your industrial DAB applications.

  • Electronic displays / billboards
  • Multimedia terminals
  • Traffic telematics:
    - TMC / TPEG access
  • Public transportation:
    - Passenger information in vehicles or at stops,
    - Multimedia infotainment,
    - Announcements, security.
  • IP Datagram Tunnelling:
    - Individual and group addressing
  • Differential GPS
  • Remote control via DAB networks:
    - Dynamic traffic signs,
    - Parking information,
    - Alerting,
    - Lighting.
  • DAB networking:
    - In-house data decoding,
    - Equipment remote control,
    - Data service monitoring and analysis.
  • Upgrading data service applications from RDS or DARC to DAB
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