RDS consulting services

Esslinger Data Engineering has been providing RDS consulting since 1994.

Qualified consulting services assist you in shortening the time to market
for any of your RDS project. Our particular consulting expertise comprises:

  • Adding RDS features to existing (non-RDS-enabled) products,
  • Outlining, designing and implementing Open Data Applications (ODA),
  • Optimizing the RDS decoding process within reception systems,
  • Making optimal use of the tuning features that RDS provides,
  • RDS measurements, RDS trials,
  • Setting up RDS networks and migrating to RDS,
  • Proofs of concept,
  • Evaluating RDS concepts in brainstorming, design and implementation phase,
  • RDS business consulting (feasibility, return of investment).

Our services are cheaper than you may expect. It's worth an enquiry.

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RDS consulting customers 1994 - 2004 came from the following industrial sectors:

  • Radio stations / broadcast authorities,
  • Car audio / car multimedia / car navigation equipment manufacturers,
  • Vehicle theft protection systems manufacturers,
  • PC peripherials manufacturers,
  • Paging network operators,
  • Industrial electronics manufacturers (remote control),
  • Private traffic telematics corporations.

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