A basis for your own RDS-enabled hardware.

Our Atmel® CPU-based RDS Reference Design helps you save development time,
and thus, costs.

The reference design's idea is to provide customers with a turnkey embedded RDS platform. CPU and tuner type are wisely chosen, allowing customers to directly use the reference design as their own production's basis.

The reference design employs Atmel's cost-efficient ATmega16 CPU and Microtune's® 1390 FM-RDS tuner. A modular software architecture allows for easy adaption in case of different hardware requirements (e.g. different tuner).


RDS data receiver reference design

IC recommendations

If you plan to design your own hardware, the following ICs were found to provide excellent RDS/RBDS performance in conjunction with our decoder library:

- SAA6581 (RDS/RBDS demodulator, NXP semiconductors)
- TDA7478 (RDS/RBDS demodulator, ST semiconductors)
- TDA7333 (RDS/RBDS processor, ST semiconductors)

Tuner ICs:
- TDA7540 (ST semiconductors)
- TDA7512 (ST semiconductors)

Other proven chipsets (not for new designs):
SAA6579 (RDS/RBDS demodulator)
TDA7330 (RDS/RBDS demodulator)
SAA6588 (RDS/RBDS processor)
TUA4401 (FM car radio IC)

The above collection (which is far from being complete) is based upon practical experiences, gathered from customer projects where Esslinger provided consultancy support.


1390 FM-RDS tuner

FM-RDS tuner modules from Microtune™

For many years, leading tuner manufacturer Microtune and Esslinger have been co-operating in optimizing RDS/RBDS access.

Microtune's FM-RDS tuners are 100% compatible with our RDS/RBDS decoder library. Furthermore, we supply a set of ANSI-C software modules that manage the entire tuner control and RDS data readout. This relieves system designers from wasting time designing their own interface solutions.

The tuners' excellent sensitivity and large signal performance produces clear sound and reliable RDS data even in weak receiving situations. Additionally, the tuner modules are environmentally hardened to operate under an extended temperature range and adverse climatic conditions.

Visit Microtune's automotive infotainment pages for details.

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1393 evaluation board